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Health Mate Infrared Renew Mate Collection

The Renew Mate Collection

Health Mate Personal Saunas

The Renew collection is everything you need to begin your healthy sauna lifestyle. With a combination of Tecoloy™ and TruInfra™ carbon heaters, find the relaxing heat more comfortable than traditional steam saunas. This cost-effective option will help you meet your health and lifestyle goals. This collection is available for 1, 2 or 3 persons.


Health Mate Infrared Renew Mate Collection

Health Mate Infrared Renew Mate Collection

Health Mate Infrared Renew Mate Collection

Your body is exposed to toxins in the air every day. These harmful deposits clog the pores of the skin and can create a dull rough and uneven appearance. Overcoming these health woes has never been easier with the Health Mate Cedar Full Body Infrared Saunas. These personal saunas safely support purification of the skin, weight loss, blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Saunas can even help build your immunity.

The patented state of the art Tecoloy infrared heater is the only UL approved heater in the world and has proven to be more effective and durable than any other infrared heater in the industry.

Additional features of the Renew Collection are:

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • LED Color Light Panel
  • Low-EMF Tecoloy Heaters
  • AUX Input & Bluetooth Capability
  • 120 Volt | 2170 Watt | 20 Amp
  • 5-year warranty

Renew 1 Person Sauna

The Renew 1 Person Sauna is the perfect unit for any home and is designed to comfortably fit one person.

  • 5 Heaters Total
  • Dimension 76 H x 40 W x 40 L

Renew 2 Person Sauna

The amazing Renew 2 Person sauna is great for couples or spending time with family and friends. It is small enough that it can fit inside or outside of the house but also big enough that two adults can fit comfortably in it.

  • 7 Heaters total, 1630 Watt / 15 Amp Specifications
  • Dimension: 76 H x 48 W x 40 L

Renew 3 Person Sauna

The Renew 3 Person Sauna is perfect for families or if you have your friends over. Yes, it is on the larger side but is perfect for anyone who likes to have space while they relax.

  • 9 heaters
  • 76 H x 60 W x 40

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