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Chicken coops, rabbit and dog house, bus stop booth

Chicken coops, rabbit and dog houses

The swell in backyard chicken raising shows no signs of slowing down. The promise of fresh eggs makes chickens attractive family pets, even in urban areas. Simplify starting your brood with our ready-made chicken housing.

Raising rabbits is easy and economical. Whether you raise them for show, as pets or for food having a sturdy rabbit pen makes life easier. We also offer dog houses in three sizes and bus stop booths if your in need of a dry place to wait for the bus

Rabbit Hutches


  • $155 with Nest
  • $110 without Nest
  • add $25 for Waste Tray


  • $205 with Nests
  • $180 without Nests
  • add $40 for Waste Trays

Large Chicken Coop

The large coop Includes: Mesh Wall, Roost, 4 Nest Boxes, 1 Window and Chicken Door

  • 8' x 8' – $1750
  • 8' x 10' – $1970
  • 8' x 12' – $2090

Medium Chicken Coop

The medium coop Includes: Outside Access Nest, Boxes, Roost, Windows, Vent and Chicken Door

  • 6' x 8' on Stilts – $1550
  • Also Available: 4' x 6' – $1290

Small Chicken Coop

This small coop includes: Chicken Run with Ramp, Vent, Easy Access Door, Nest Box, Window and Roost

  • 3' x 3' with Run – $585

Dog Houses

  • Large– $210
  • Medium– $160
  • Small– $130

Phone Booth/Bus Stop

The door with window is a standard feature in this small barn.

  • 4' x 4' – $525

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